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Temporary exhibition Thematic exhibition selected from the photography of one of the most outstanding representatives of architectural photography – Le Corbusier’s former colleague – highlighting the sacral venues of the late 2000 years. The acknowledged and the long-forgotten photos of the exhibition provide us with the opportunity to rediscover human beings and the Hungarian photographer.

This ever changing always renewing exhibition is currently the only gallery in Hungary, where glass related art is always on display. In addition, our visitors can enjoy further permanent exhibitions in the Hefter Gallery until 31st October: Lightecho: Contemporary glass painting exhibition and selection from László Hefter’s works. Restoration of Stained Glass Windows:The gallery hosts a permanent documentary exhibition from the restoration of stained glass windows. Thanks to the restoration of stained glass windows of the Pannonhalma Archabbey, the Matthias Church of Buda Castle, the National Bank of Hungary and the Votive Church in Szeged, visitors can gain insight into the workshop secrets of a 1000 year old craftsmanship.

After the success of the EYOF events, the city of Győr will once again host a large-scale gymnastics event in 2019. For the first time, the Junior Gymnastics World Championship will be held in Győr, which will be launched by the International Gymnastics Association after the Hungarian proposal. The event will take place between the 27th and 30th June, 2019, when both boys and girls from all around the world can show their talents. We expect 75-80 countries to participate; of course we can see the Hungarian gymnasts, who take part in team competitions for 3-3 people besides their individual ones. We can safely say that one of the biggest names on the World Championship can be Krisztián Balázs, who has won gold medal in a mixed team at the Youth Olympics last year, and has won silver and bronze medals in the individual contests. We hope that Hungarian gymnasts will win more medals in their domestic environment. Let’s encourage our young athletes, cheer for their successful performance, and be proud that the city of Győr will organize the first ever World Junior Gymnastics Championship.

The European Federation of the sport (EUF) has given Hungary the right to organize the 2019 European Ultimate Championship, so this summer the European Championship of Frisbee is organized in Győr. The European Ultimate Championship (EUC), held every four years, is one of the largest contests between nations. Competitors from 28 countries will arrive to the Alcufer Stadium in Gyirmót. Since in this sport besides the women’s and men’s team there is a mixed team as well, and the European Ultimate Federation (EUF) announced a continental venue in one of three categories at the same time and in one spot, you can watch over 1500 players from around 60 national teams within one week. Free entrance.

In 2001 Anita Görbicz was the leader of the Hungarian team on the junior world championship, while in 2009 it was Anikó Kovancsis who led the Hungarian team two the silver medal in the U19 European Championship held in Győr. This year another generation can show what they are made of during the Junior European Championship, held in the Audi Arena and the Magvassy Sport arena. Last year the whole country was mesmerized by the Hungarian national team that won the world title in Hungary, this year a new team will represent the country in the U19 European Championship, a team that last year was the runner up in the Junior World Cup. Golovin Vlagyimi’s team is again expected on the podium, but we need the world’s best handball fans to help them get there, so don’t forget, Women’s Junior Handball European Championship in Győr, between 11-21 July. Will you be there?

The popular 31! Universal art festival which entertains mainly young people with visual arts. The venue is one of Győr’s most beautiful parts, the bank of the river Rába and the Radó Island. During the three days prominent representatives of different arts can introduce and display their works, for example dance, music, light, visual arts, photography, literature gastro culture and architecture/design, providing real community experience for the visitors.   https://www.facebook.com/31gyor/  

  Farmers’ market and promotion of farmers’ goods from the Kisalföld region.

The legend says Ányos Jedlik first showed spritz at the vintage in Fót from the sparkling water made by him to the guests. In reality, this excellent drink was first tasted by the Benedict monks in Győr. Since then, spritz has become a popular drink, while the sparkling water from Győr is a unique, protected Hungarian drink.

  A whole day summer event in Adyváros around the lake. Under the shady trees children are invited to take part in games and activities connected to the water, while concerts on the stage entertain the guests.

  German romantic organ music Organ musical pieces of Reger, Reinberger and Mendelssohn