Chamber orchestra concert pass


  1. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy: String symphony No. 2 in D-major
  2. Bruch: Kol Nidrei, op. 47
  3. Debussy: Sacred and Profane Dances
  4. Schubert – G. Mahler: Death and the Maiden, D 810

Music by: Chamber Orchestra of Győr Philharmonic Orchestra

Art leader: Bényi Tibor – cello

Cooperates: Milica Pašić – harp


‘The core idea of the masterpiece is the power of innocent fairy-tale love based on loyalty. The representatives of pure love and freedom face the hostile power. Although the plot of the opera is the preparation and realization of abduction, as for the message it is not the most important part. The gist is that the characters must overcome psychological obstacles.’ (Juronics Tamás, director)

The performance is the co-production of Győr National Theatre and Co-Opera.

Nikisch Artur concert pass


  1. Brahms: Violin concerto in D-major, op. 77
  2. van Beethoven: Symphony No III. (in E-flat major) „Eroica”, op. 55

Conducts: Berkes Kálmán

Cooperates: Kokas Katalin – violin

Music by: Győr Philharmonic Orchestra

17:18 concert pass


  1. van Beethoven: Prometheus – overture, op. 43
  2. van Beethoven: Symphony No III. (in E-flat major) „Eroica”, op. 55

Conducts: Berkes Kálmán

Music by: Győr Philharmonic Orchestra

A pleasant evening programme seasoned with loads of surprises, humour and fun provided by Győr Philharmonic Orchestra and the artistic leader Berkes Kálmán is waiting for music lovers.

Cooperates: Nyári Károly – piano, solo

Radnai collection preserves the most outstanding pieces of Hungarian art from the era between the two World Wars. Among others, the masterpieces of Egry József, Szőnyi István, Medgyessy Ferenc, Derkovits Gyula, Nagy István, Barcsay Jenő, Rippl-Rónai József, Bernáth Aurél, Gulácsy Lajos and Borsos Miklós can be found in the collection.

Every second Saturday Rába Quelle Spa, Thermal- and Adventure Bath of Győr waits for its visitors with late night bathing, hot thermal water, adventure elements, water bar and sauna séances with unique atmosphere.

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  1. Haydn: G-major „Gypsy” piano trio, No. 39, Hob. XV:25
  2. A. Mozart: Horn Quintet in E-flat major, KV 407
  3. van Beethoven: Quartet No 4 in C- minor, op. 18,

Artistic leader: Berkes Kálmán

Cooperate: artists of Győr Philharmonic Orchestra



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