„Barátság” Sports Park

Active leisure

The “Barátság” Sports Park offers sporting and recreational opportunities for those who wish spend their free time in Győr actively, in a green environment. Located on an area of nearly 29,000 sq m, the park houses three modern coverable football pitches lined with artificial turf and featuring adjustable goals, a streetball court, an outdoor gym, a playground conforming to European Union standards, an outdoor gym for the elderly with age-specific equipment and a 600m tartan running track.

A fully Hungarian-developed outdoor fitness park was added to the venue, which includes a complex training tool called Active Body System (ABS), suitable for working various muscle groups, stretching and improving body coordination, stability and stamina. Equipped with modern outdoor lighting, the enclosed park also includes a service facility on a floor area of 420 sqm, housing changing rooms, offices, a terrace and a buffet.







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9021 Győr, Baross Gábor út 21.

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