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Mobilis Science Center will be closed for several weeks during Summer, which relates to the European Youth Olympic Festival, the first official Olympic event organized by Hungary. Based on the request of the owner Municipality of Győr, and due to its central location, its closeness to the competition fields and the Olympic village, as well as its outstanding infrastructure, Mobilis will serve as the base of volunteers involved in the successful and undisturbed implementation of EYOF. More than a thousand volunteers, who come from around the country and from abroad, will get the daily briefing and have the opportunity for relaxation between competitions in the Center. Therefore, Mobilis will be closed until 4th August 2017.


It is planned to be open to the public again from 5th August 2017.


The 50% discount for the inhabitants of Győr and for the students, the lecturers and the alumni of Széchenyi István University (and their families), as well as the usual Summer tickets (Szín5ös, Nagyi-jegy) will be available to visitors in the last weeks of Summer.


The joy of playing is not only the privilege of children’s. The Mobilis Science Center of Győr with its interactive exhibits and fascinating presentations focusing on the field of mobility and travelling encourages everybody to play, to create and to be creative. The center helps visitors to discover the mystery of the world around us. Its mission is to bring people closer to natural sciences and to endear it in a playful way.


Mobilis believes and suggests that playing is more than a simple activity, it is a lifestyle. It is th ebest way to try new things out, and to discover the unknown.



In the House of Discoveries of Győr 74 exhibits – from wind tunnel through mirror labyrinth to streamlined car-body – are displayed encouraging everyone to play. Mobilis provides furthermore spectacular and entertaining experimental shows several times a day, irregular natural science lessons on demand, temporary exhibitions and several exciting programmes either for young and old, for school groups and families, and for local sor tourists.


Mobilis does not only offer a one-time enjoyment, but gives opportunity for recurring visits. The center awaits anyone – who still has curiosity to discover – during the whole year; with study circles, with entertaining birthday parties or with lively and playful camps.


Mobilis’ toy-and gift shop with its scientific games offers visitors the chance to take home the Mobilis-experience.



Thanks to its excellent geographical location, its advanced industry and its well-qualified workforce Győr is a dynamically improving and innovative city. The city is characterized by modernity and traditions at the same time. Because of the well-planned infrastructure and the charm of Győr by the end of 2013 Audi have invested one billion Euro sin the expansion of its automotive operation in the city. The new factory that covers the full range of car manufactoring means thousands of additional workplaces in the region. Széchenyi István University that also operates int he city is the flagship of educating automotive professionals, and considered to be the main intellectual center of the Northern Transdanubia region.

The city is characterised by constant development and renewal. This  can be clearly seen int he recently opened Visitor’s Center that is up to the standards of Győr’s colorful touristic life and unique  of its kin din the country. It offers extended services, interactive exhibition area and a gift shop featuring a large selection of souvenirs and unique products for the visitors int he heart of the town.





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