In 2001 Anita Görbicz was the leader of the Hungarian team on the junior world championship, while in 2009 it was Anikó Kovancsis who led the Hungarian team two the silver medal in the U19 European Championship held in Győr. This year another generation can show what they are made of during the Junior European Championship, held in the Audi Arena and the Magvassy Sport arena.

Last year the whole country was mesmerized by the Hungarian national team that won the world title in Hungary, this year a new team will represent the country in the U19 European Championship, a team that last year was the runner up in the Junior World Cup. Golovin Vlagyimi’s team is again expected on the podium, but we need the world’s best handball fans to help them get there, so don’t forget, Women’s Junior Handball European Championship in Győr, between 11-21 July. Will you be there?


Audi Arena Győr