Gergely Rákász: Stories of Christmas


Gergely Rákász is a famous Hungarian organ musician.
His concerts mean that it’s officially the Christmas season for lots of people. At least this is what we learned from the floods of e-mails and Facebook messages that he and his team always receive after the concerts. The concert will incorporate 300 years of vibrant music together.

About the concert
2nd George, the king of England who reminds us of friends we do not really like and we can see how he gets Händel around his finger. This is how the Firework music is created.
The Roman gods host us with the music of Gustav Holst. Venus teaches us love and beauty, and Jupiter teaches us the art of ruling. The audience will experience how today’s movie musical scores borrow from the classics that were written 100+ years ago.
Berlioz Rákoczi march music is always played at every concert during the remembrance year of Rákoczi. We are going to figure out which stands closer to people: Vak Pali (who was he at all?!) or the god of the Hungarians. He will try to put this beautiful piece of music back to the center of appreciation where it belongs.

And at the end we can hear some music by Bach and Holst what will be a beatiful closing of the concert.

It is the music of the Christmas story, and this music helps us to tune our soul and to hear the most beautiful holiday.

2 Scheduled Dates


Old Lutheran Church