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The temporal light phenomenon caused by filled particles penetrating into the atmosphere at the northern part the Earth is called the aurora borealis, the Northern Lights. If you have it on your Bucket List, or you are lucky enough that you have already seen it, come and create it in a painting as well. It is made with fluorescent paint so it will brighten your dark room. 30% discount with GyőrCard!

Dandelions, blow balls, or puffballs whatever we call them were one of our favorite fun activities of our childhood. We wished for something and blew the dandelion. This image is not a simple painting, but made with fluorescent paint, so it glows in the dark. You can create your own exciting decoration, and everyone who visits you will be amazed. Let your imagination drive you, and create a piece of art you could have never dreamt of creating before.

The legend says Ányos Jedlik first showed spritz at the vintage in Fót from the sparkling water made by him to the guests. In reality, this excellent drink was first tasted by the Benedict monks in Győr. Since then, spritz has become a popular drink, while the sparkling water from Győr is a unique, protected Hungarian drink.

  Farmers’ market and promotion of farmers’ goods from the Kisalföld region.

Every year the Baroque Wedding is a genuine wedding of a selected couple held with a contemporary baroque ceremony. This year, as a unique attraction, a baroque garden is built on Széchenyi Square again.  On Saturday and Sunday from morning till night guests are entertained with a crafts fair, children’s programmes, contemporary concerts commemorating art and culture, cross art programmes, theatrical performances performed in the baroque garden or at the stage in front of the Apátúr House. This year at the junction of Baross and Kazinczy street there will be a Baroque café. On Dunakapu square a hot air balloon programme is organised in order to commemorate the first lift up in Győr at the baroque era. The gilded parade goes along the streets of the city centre, the main event takes place on Radó Island where the young couple celebrates their wedding ceremony. On the stage erected here, the opera entitled ’The barber of Seville’ is performed on Friday, and this is the location for the production of ‘From Bach to Django’ on Sunday evening, which is a joint production of Talamba Percussion Group and the Swing á la Django.

The now traditional opera gala of the winners of world-famous ‘Operalia’ opera contest, founded by Plácido Domingo, together with the Győr Philharmonic Orchestra on the Széchenyi Square. Famous artists, special atmosphere and amazing musical performance. Program: opera arias, overtures, intermezzo For more information click here.      

Master courses of early music We are offering special concerts and master courses which are connected to the festival.

Folk music, folk dance and world music for 3 days on 2 stages in Dunakapu square.    

Advent waits for the visitors in Győr with unique and fabulous atmosphere by offering special cultural and gastronomic programmes. During the festival season Győr – the city of lights – mesmerizes its guests. As an integral part of the festival illuminations special light painting is displayed as well as sand animation at the Széchenyi Square; Everybody’s Christmas tree is set up, the kid’s rail waits for its passengers, the giant story book opens up, a skating rink and a merry-go-round are to be installed and naturally the Nativity play reminds us about the upcoming Christmas.

Let’s celebrate together! Győr is waiting you also this year with colourful programmes and a big party in Downtown!

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