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Display and fair of antiquities, works of art and handmade items.

The speciality of the concert is that the pieces are accompanied with a professional explanation by the music historian, dr. Szabó Balázs. During the concerts professional kindergarten teachers look after the children in ‘Richter kindergarten’. Bizet: The girls from Arles – Suite II. Debussy: The sea Music: Győr Philharmonic Orchestra Conducts: Azis Sadikovic

This is the 6th year we organize the very successful Sweet Days of Győr chocolate- and desert festival. During the day, besides the exciting professional workshops, the exhibitors will present their professional tricks. Visitors can create their own favorite handmade sweets.  In the morning amateur bands and in the evenings prestigious artists will play on the stage, which will be even nicer with delicious chocolates and drinks in hand. Sweeten your weekend!

Stylish Art Picnic was created based on the SVÉT events (Rural Restaurants Association). It is a cultural-gastronomical event with the participation of rural restaurants, gastro-workshops and confectioneries. The members of this association believe in preserving their gastronomical values, genuine, generous rural hospitality, and serving delicious, high standard dishes of regional ingredients in their venues. The event is completed with an open-air exhibition of the artworks of important contemporary Hungarian fine artists. Cooperative partners: ’Stílusos Vidéki Éttermiség’ (Rural Restaurants Association), Hungarian Gastronomic Association.  

The temporal light phenomenon caused by filled particles penetrating into the atmosphere at the northern part the Earth is called the aurora borealis, the Northern Lights. If you have it on your Bucket List, or you are lucky enough that you have already seen it, come and create it in a painting as well. It is made with fluorescent paint so it will brighten your dark room. 30% discount with GyőrCard!

  Farmers’ market and promotion of farmers’ goods from the Kisalföld region.

For the 15th time, Győr Ballet is organizing the largest national assembly of Hungarian professional dance groups, the Hungarian Dance Festival. Hungary’s professional companies will perform on the Main Stage of the National Theater of Győr, while the alternative, experimental performances on the studio stage of Kisfaludy Hall. The renewed open-air stage is waiting the visitors with free programs, while the IV. Children Dance Festival is awaiting the little ones. Venues:  National Theater of Győr, Széchenyi square Find out more here: http://gyoribalett.hu/

  The summer opening concert of the Four Season Festival waits for local visitors from Győr and other tourists alike with a sensational party free of charge.

Dandelions, blow balls, or puffballs whatever we call them were one of our favorite fun activities of our childhood. We wished for something and blew the dandelion. This image is not a simple painting, but made with fluorescent paint, so it glows in the dark. You can create your own exciting decoration, and everyone who visits you will be amazed. Let your imagination drive you, and create a piece of art you could have never dreamt of creating before.

The popular 31! Universal art festival which entertains mainly young people with visual arts. The venue is one of Győr’s most beautiful parts, the bank of the river Rába and the Radó Island. During the three days prominent representatives of different arts can introduce and display their works, for example dance, music, light, visual arts, photography, literature gastro culture and architecture/design, providing real community experience for the visitors.   https://www.facebook.com/31gyor/  

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