Chapter Hill

STONE OF THE VIRGIN MARY: This work of art completed in 2000 by Tibor Szervátiusz is dedicated to the millennial anniversary of the founding of the Hungarian state. Its main scene depicts St. Stephen as he offers our nation to the Virgin Mary. On the two sides we see the legend of the “Miraculous Deer” (Csodaszarvas) coming to life.

CATHEDRAL: Built in Roman style in the 11th century, the Cathedral is the single most symbolic church within the Diocese of Győr, established by St. Stephen. The current appearance of its interior was shaped by Baroque architecture in the 1780s. Since Pope John Paul II’s visit in 1996, the Cathedral has held basilica minor rank, while its importance is underlined by three important relics. Its northern aisle features the Weeping Madonna painting, which was rescued from Ireland in 1655. On 17 March 1697, on St. Patrick’s Day, the painting wept blood. On the other side, the Gothic chapel built to the aisle in the 15th century guards one of the nation’s most significant relics. The herm of St. Ladislaus, am bust decorated with gold and gemstones, conceals the knight-king’s skull. In this chapel we also find the tomb of the martyr Blessed Bishop Vilmos Apor.

OLD CHURCH FROM THE EARLY-ÁRPÁD DYNASTY: These 10thcentury ruins are the foundations of the old church from the earlyÁrpád dynasty. Next to it we see the statue of St. Michael archangel as he triumphantly thrusts Lucifer, the epitome of evil, from the Heavens to the underworld.

STATUE OF ST. LADISLAUS: A bronze statue behind the Cathedral also honours our knight-king, St. Ladislaus. The inscription reads: “A head taller than everyone else.”

BISHOP’S CASTLE: Situated at the heart of Győr’s inner city, the Bishop’s Castle and its buildings are the centre of the Diocese of Győr, established by our king Stephen I. Built in the 13th century, the tower offers a magnificent panorama, while in its cellar we can visit a contemporary exhibition presenting the local events of World War II and commemorating the life of Blessed Vilmos Apor, who suffered a martyr’s death in that very place.

THEOLOGICAL COLLEGE OF GYŐR: The Neoclassical building that many believe to be a castle is home to the Theological College and Seminary of Győr.






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