Dunakapu Square

Besides Széchenyi square, the town’s renewed event square is home to Győr’s largest festivals. Below the square, on the -1st level of the underground parking garage we can look at the remnants of the former castle wall.

SCHWARZENBERG–PÁLFFY STATUE: Situated at the foot of Kossuth Bridge, the statue was erected on the 400th anniversary of the town’s reconquest from the Ottoman occupation.

PULSE SCULPTURE: Along the Mosoni Danube, we see Győr’s most recent sculpture, which presents us the entire city panorama as we turn it around 360 degrees.

SCULPTURE OF THE IRON ROOSTER: During the castle’s reconquest, the Hungarians were aided by a prophecy saying when the iron rooster, erected by the Turks as a weathervane, decides to crow and the half moon beneath it will turn into a full moon, granting the castle once again to the Hungarian army. The fulfilment of the prophecy was greatly helped by a trumpeting shoemaker’s apprentice, who had climbed over the castle walls during the night to wait for dawn to break.





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