Feledi Project: Car(wo)men

Start: 2023.06.14 19:00
End: 2023.06.14 20:00

A few thoughts on the excerpt from Bizet’s Carmen, based on Prosper Merimée’s masterpiece. The focus is on sensual look spanning over bodies, the irony of the five performers and the alternation of the poetic research of their inner dimension. A classic and contemporary fusion, where the melodies are mixed into a unique atmosphere, which guides the path of the protagonists. The horizon of femininity becomes a unique harmony,interpreted by the body, in the captivating revolt of strength and vitality. The power of female presence in the mind creates a male movement. Carmen is ideal for representing pride, vitality and strength. The performance where dynamics and rhythm become a tool that gives content to this reflection.


3.900 Ft


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