Melody Maker and the GYFZ

Start: 2023.06.08 21:00
End: 2023.06.08 23:00

The joint crossover production of Melody Maker and the Győr Philharmonic Orchestra will spice up the summer evening on June 8 from 9 p.m. with unforgettable hits known to everyone. On the large-scale musical journey, Győr’s audience can be the first to take part in the performance POP, ROCK, DISCO, FUNKY, which is the opening event of their joint tour at Dunakapu Square.

The exploding musical experience of the symphonic concert is guaranteed by the 8 members Melody Maker show-concert orchestra, 50 artists of the Győr Philharmonic Orchestra, and occasionally 1-1 invited star guests at the magnificent open-air venue. In an unusual way, the hits are played in the form of a medley, i.e. a medley, the best and most well-known details and melodies are woven together under the understanding direction of Márton Rácz.

The Melody Maker formation was founded by the members of the Hungarian star bands of the 90s. Bebe, Gábor Glatz, Zoltán Kató played in the band Back II Black, Bedhy supported Bestiák, Julian Gajdos Attila ShyGys, and Némo Gábor Némo supported Club 54. Tamás Jülek was the guitarist of several bands, including R-Go, and the band member Bence Nyemcsók is keyboardist, who currently plays in Piramis Band.

The professionalism and maximalism of the Győr Philharmonic Orchestra is nationally outstanding and highly rated professionally. The troupe’s rich musical repertoire includes both classic-traditional masterpieces and pieces in a lighter style, to the greatest satisfaction and pleasure of the audience.

In the 120-minute performance, not only the music, but also the visual experience has a prominent role, the video content displayed on the LED background wall reflects on the message of the musical inserts. Therefore, an important part of the dramaturgy is the coordination of visual and musical worlds, stage choreography, light and sound technology. During the show-concert, the audience will not only participate in a concert on June 8 at Győr’s Dunakapu Square, but rather become part of a well-composed, extraordinary performance elaborated in every detail.


A koncert ingyenes.



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