City Hall

The main road dividing the Városháza square used to be a beef market and was far from downtown. The rich and busy trade and industry town quickly grew out of the city walls, and from the 19th century, different factories, institutes and houses were built beyond them.

The building of the new City Hall was the icing on the cake of this boom. The palace was founded with the wealth that József Bisinger left for the town. It was built in 1896-1898 during the mayoralty Károly Zechmeister’s and became the symbol of Győr.

Architect Jenő Hübner timed the opening of the city hall at the millennium, intending to emphasize the significance of the year through it.

On the coat of arms donated by Maria Theresa, we can see martyr Saint Stephen, patron of the city, the three rivers, and the castle of Győr.

The 59-meter tall tower was built after the demolition of the fire tower above the Fehérvári Gate.  Since 1985, at 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. we can hear the carillon of Attila Remény, a composer from Győr. The musical machine was made by Lajos Gulácsi and was brought to Győr from his workshop in Pécs.

You can visit the tower and the assembly hall of City Hall. You can sign up for it through our tourist information office via the following e-mail

We could record the memory of our meeting Győr with a photo at the “We love Győr” selfie point.



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