Old Lutheran Church

Due to Joseph the Second’s Edict of Tolerance the Lutheran residents of Győr asked for the permit to build two churches at the same time. The state authorized for the building of one common church, and the building process started in April, 1784. The consecration of the church took place on 27th November, 1785.

The ‘Old Church’ in Győr, is an early, distinctive and beautiful memory of the post Edict of Tolerance Hungarian church architecture. Although its layout, volume and interior of the choirs are typical of Protestant churches built in its time, its design still has many individual features. This is why this church building cannot be categorized into any styles.

The organ was built in 1926, and it is famous as it is a Hungarian-wise unique, ‘César type’ organ. Due to its great acoustic features the church gives place to numerous musical events, such as the concerts of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Győr or the Five Churches Festival.


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