Szent László Visitors’ Centre

Hungary’s largest religious collection is awaiting visitors in Győr’s historic centre, on the Chapter Hill. The buildings and artwork on display form part of the millennial sacral and cultural heritage of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Győr. Győr is the only town in Hungary where all three of our most important sacred relics, the Crown, the Holy Right and the Herm of St. Ladislaus, have been carried around.

The exhibition commemorates this historical fact, placing emphasis on the cult of St. Ladislaus in Győr. The exhibitions are located at Győr’s most important historical buildings: the Basilica, built in the time of St. Stephen, the Bishop’s Castle and the canonical houses of the Chapter Hill. From the tower of the Bishop’s Castle we see Győr’s spectacular cityscape. After climbing the stairs to the viewpoint we can marvel at a splendid view of the town.


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