Five Churches Festival

The idea of the Five Churches Festival is built on a rarity that is unique in Europe, five churches of the five historic religions can be found on one street of Győr-Újváros.

Five religions and five communities have lived next to each other on the same street for centuries knowing, respecting and helping each other. The five churches are architectural mementos and also an example, that in the centre of Europe, in Hungary, lutherans, catholics, calvinists, Serbian orthodoxes and jews have been living together in peace for centuries.

Their cultural diversity, their communities’ faith make Hungary’s culture strong and colourful, interesting and important for Europe and the whole world. Five Churches Festival raises attention to the historic and social values, the strengthening and supporting of the conversations between cultures, religions, communities and individuals already existing for centuries.


Nepomuki Szent János Kápolna


2020.05.14. 08:002020.05.18. 20:00 





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