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    750 years is a long time! And it is only just a small slice of Győr’s history, as the area has been inhabited since ancient times. It is one of the settlements that has always played a determining role in the history of Hungary and even Europe. According to legends, the Iron Rooster crowed here, we were the ones who stopped the expansion of the Ottoman Empire, we’re the guardians of the herm of St. Ladislaus, and, thanks to Ányos Jedlik, the “fröccs” (wine spritzer) comes from here.

    In 2021, we will celebrate the 750th anniversary of when this wonderful historical city, university, cultural, sports and economic center became a town! What awaits us during the year? Follow our website and find out more about the programs of the jubilee year! Let’s celebrate together!

    Prof. Dr. András Csaba Dézsi
    Mayor of Győr


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