• Mayor’s welcome message
  • Mayor’s welcome message

    Győr, the country’s third richest city in historical monuments, is a thriving and dynamically developing city. It’s worth a visit to this charming town in a gentle setting, where a wealth of natural, cultural and architectural treasures come together. Many people don’t know that Győr, a jewel of Baroque architecture, is also a city of rivers, its unique character is defined by the meeting of the Rába, the Rábca, the Mosoni Danube and the Marcal rivers.
    Győr is also known for its culture and sport, but many people also remember the city for its Herm of Saint Ladislaus, its soda bottles and its sparkling wine, and of course the crowing Iron Rooster.
    Győr is more than a city, where there is a programme for all ages. Renovated main squares, tourist attractions, flower terraces, sport and culture-–Győr has it all.
    Come and see for yourself that Győr is more than just a city.

    Prof. Dr Csaba András DÉZSI


Győr Megyei Jogú Város Önkormányzata
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9021 Győr, Baross Gábor út 21.
+36 96 311 771