Kálóczy Sports Centre

+36 20 410 4787
9026 Győr, Kálóczy tér 10.

Kálóczy Sports Centre is situated in a beautiful environment at the junction of the river Rába and Moson Danube, just opposite to the historic town centre of Győr. Built in the late-1920s, the boathouse is home of  one of the country’s most successful rowing and wrestling clubs. A new tennis club house with a beautiful panorama terrace was handed over in April 2016 in the immediate neighborhood of the old building. The club has sic tennis courts for tennis enthusiasts, open from spring until autumn. In addition to professionals, amateur players are also welcome to book the courts and become acquainted with the sport with the help of professional coaches.


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9021 Győr, Baross Gábor út 21.
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