Carmelite monastery

In the city of Győr, at Aradi vértanúk street 2; you can find the building of Klastrom Hotel, which used to be a Carmelite monastery belonging to the Carmelite Church in Győr.

The monumental building was constructed in Baroque style in the 1700s and was designed by Márton Wittwer. Later, in 1900, it was partially remodeled based on the plans of Lajos Schlichter, and from 1950 it functioned as a residential building. It acquired its current form in 1987 and has been operating as a hotel since then.

The interesting thing about the former monastery building is that there is a sundial on the south wall of the inner monastery courtyard at a height of 8 m. Its lampshade points to the pole, the dial is painted on the house wall in rectangular shape and the numbering of the hours varies. The precisely edited sundial is probably from the 18th century, which has been repainted several times since then, including during the conversion of the building into a hostel.



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