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Temporary exhibition Thematic exhibition selected from the photography of one of the most outstanding representatives of architectural photography – Le Corbusier’s former colleague – highlighting the sacral venues of the late 2000 years. The acknowledged and the long-forgotten photos of the exhibition provide us with the opportunity to rediscover human beings and the Hungarian photographer.

This ever changing always renewing exhibition is currently the only gallery in Hungary, where glass related art is always on display. In addition, our visitors can enjoy further permanent exhibitions in the Hefter Gallery until 31st October: Lightecho: Contemporary glass painting exhibition and selection from László Hefter’s works. Restoration of Stained Glass Windows:The gallery hosts a permanent documentary exhibition from the restoration of stained glass windows. Thanks to the restoration of stained glass windows of the Pannonhalma Archabbey, the Matthias Church of Buda Castle, the National Bank of Hungary and the Votive Church in Szeged, visitors can gain insight into the workshop secrets of a 1000 year old craftsmanship.

The legend says Ányos Jedlik first showed spritz at the vintage in Fót from the sparkling water made by him to the guests. In reality, this excellent drink was first tasted by the Benedict monks in Győr. Since then, spritz has become a popular drink, while the sparkling water from Győr is a unique, protected Hungarian drink.

  A whole day summer event in Adyváros around the lake. Under the shady trees children are invited to take part in games and activities connected to the water, while concerts on the stage entertain the guests.

  Farmers’ market and promotion of farmers’ goods from the Kisalföld region.

  German romantic organ music Organ musical pieces of Reger, Reinberger and Mendelssohn

Every year the Baroque Wedding is a genuine wedding of a selected couple held with a contemporary baroque ceremony. This year, as a unique attraction, a baroque garden is built on Széchenyi Square again.  On Saturday and Sunday from morning till night guests are entertained with a crafts fair, children’s programmes, contemporary concerts commemorating art and culture, cross art programmes, theatrical performances performed in the baroque garden or at the stage in front of the Apátúr House. This year at the junction of Baross and Kazinczy street there will be a Baroque café. On Dunakapu square a hot air balloon programme is organised in order to commemorate the first lift up in Győr at the baroque era. The gilded parade goes along the streets of the city centre, the main event takes place on Radó Island where the young couple celebrates their wedding ceremony. On the stage erected here, the opera entitled ’The barber of Seville’ is performed on Friday, and this is the location for the production of ‘From Bach to Django’ on Sunday evening, which is a joint production of Talamba Percussion Group and the Swing á la Django.

  Majorette, majorette-sport. A combination of sport and art, a form of movement that perhaps few people know in its renewed form … Techniques, gymnastics-based bodybuilding and performance are just a few pillars of the wide range of the diversity of the majorette-sport. You can witness this as the bests of the majorette-sport will arrive to show their talents between the 15-18 August, 2019. at the Győr City University Hall on the 16th IAM Majorette-sport European Championship and the International Cup. Free entrance.

Wine and gastronomy goes hand in hand, and couldn’t it be any different in Győr either, in the world of the prestigious Győr Wine Days festival. The best regional wines and most delicious food are already a great temptation, but when these pair up with fantastic program, then it is undeniable that everyone should visit the Four Season Festival’s summer ending event, the Győr Wine Days. Where:  Széchenyi square, Dunakapu square Download the program brochure by clicking here!    

Have an unforgettable experience sailing one hour on the River Mosoni-Duna and the River Rába. From the boat you can admire some beautiful spots, e.g. meeting of the two rivers, how gently the River Rába embraces Radó Island, or see people walking under the castle walls on the riverbank. Pre-registration is needed: idegenvezetes.gyor@gmail.com

Arctic light is produced when the solar wind so disturbs the magnetosphere that charged particles penetrate the upper atmosphere from the solar wind and magnetosphere to attract the Earth’s magnetic field, where they transfer some of their energy to the atmosphere. What?! 🙂 But everyone knows you just need canvas, brush, paint … and you can paint your artic light! This natural wonder can be a beautiful sight to live, but if you want to admire it from close-up every day, visit us and paint your own Aurora Borealis! Guaranteed to be the most unique accessory for your home! 30% discount with GyőrCard!