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Gergely Rákász: Stories of Christmas   Gergely Rákász is a famous Hungarian organ musician. His concerts mean that it’s officially the Christmas season for lots of people. At least this is what we learned from the floods of e-mails and Facebook messages that he and his team always receive after the concerts. The concert will incorporate 300 years of vibrant music together. About the concert 2nd George, the king of England who reminds us of friends we do not really like and we can see how he gets Händel around his finger. This is how the Firework music is created. The Roman gods host us with the music of Gustav Holst. Venus teaches us love and beauty, and Jupiter teaches us the art of ruling. The audience will experience how today’s movie musical scores borrow from the classics that were written 100+ years ago. Berlioz Rákoczi march music is always played at every concert during the remembrance year of Rákoczi. We are going to figure out which stands closer to people: Vak Pali (who was he at all?!) or the god of the Hungarians. He will try to put this beautiful piece of music back to the center of appreciation […]

Exhibition of the Margit Kovács High and Primary School’s students. This exhibition is organized every year.

The exhibition can be visited free of charge on the Pilgrimage of the Irish Madonna of Győr (March 17-18).

A woman, a mother from Győr, Claudia Gergely has been struggling with multiple sclerosis for a decade, and she had been able to live a decent life in spite of her limitations. She did not use a wheelchair, she had a job and also worked hard as a mother. Unfortunately, last summer something unexpected happened: she suffered a stroke. Now the time has come to give a helping hand for the young mother, who said she wants to stand up and look after her daughter for long years to come. However, she has to face many treatments and the journey is long, therefore she needs help. Organizers and friends invite everyone, friends or strangers, to come to the University Concert Hall, to the Synagogue for a charity evening. Rapporteur: Andrea Adorján MC: Sanyi Orosz Music: Hoppáré Band

The fourth concert of the Flesch Károly series will start with a less known wind sextet by Beethoven, then continue with the Miniatures by Frigyes Hidas, one of the most popular Hungarian composers of the second part of the 20th century. Finally, the starting piece of a cycle, the first quartet by Beethoven will be played by the musicians of the  Győr Philharmonic Orchestra. Program: van Beethoven: Sextet in E flat major, op. 71 Hidas: Five miniatures van Beethoven: Quartet in F major, op. 18, No. 1

Andrea Malek is a Hungarian, Artisjus and eMeRTon award-winning  actress and singer. Bandi Jáger is a pianist and composer. The Malek Andi Soulistic Band is a result of a transforming encounter. We have a jazz musician, who observes folk songs from Hungary, and a singer, who, whatever she has sung so far, has always been a fan of folk music. In the joint production by Andrea Malek and Bandi Jáger, which builds on the combination of joy jamming and consciousness, mixing the elements of folk, jazz and R&B we can hear long-forgotten Hungarian folk songs. The audience in Győr can listen to the duo formation of the band in the series of the RómerJazz Club.

The Flóris Rómer Art and Historic Museum presents a grand solo exhibition of the works of painter Ágnes Babos (1948) in the Eszterházy Palace in Győr. The exhibition will showcase the drawings and paintings of the Győr based artist, from the start of her career to her recent pieces. Her painting is characterized by a unique vision, with important elements of portraying the moments of mankind in a poignant and expressive way. The characters of her works often become the protagonists of mystical and timeless stories, dramas and tales in a dreamlike environment. Her works are on display in several private collections in Győr and Sopron, but also in the Hungarian National Gallery and the Flóris Rómer Art and Historic Museum.

At the Evening of the Opera Stars the Győr Philharmonic Orchestra has two excellent guest singers at their concert at the Music Academy of Budapest. Polina Pasztircsák, artist of the Hungarian Opera House, who became famous after her victory at the Geneva Singing Competition in 2009, and has been playing a leading role in operas, oratorios and solo performances all over Europe. Her partner is Dovlet Nurgeldiyev from Germany, leading singer of the Hamburg Opera House, who is renowned as an excellent Mozart tenor, a master of lyric tenor performances all over the world for his special tone of voice and sensitive performing style. Their joint performance will be a unique experience for opera lovers, with works by Tchaikovsky, Verdi and Puccini. The performance will be conducted by the internationally known artist György Győriványi Ráth. Program: I. Tchaikovsky: Romeo and Juliet – overture fantasy Onegin – Tatiana’s letter Onegin – Lensky’s aria Verdi: The Power of Destiny – overture Macbeth – Macduff’s aria Traviata – Violetta’s aria Traviata – “Parigi o cara” duet Puccini: Manon Lescaut – Intermezzo La Boheme – Duet from the first act Performed by: Győr Philharmonic Orchestra Conductor: Dr. György Győriványi Ráth Guests: Polina Pasztircsák (soprano) […]

The Lego bricks are moving into the Mobilis for March 10th and 11th, 2018. (Saturday, Sunday). Exhibitors are bringing their own constructions from Hungary and Germany. Historical moments, cities, castles, technological miracles, whimsical buildings and a 30 meter long train track with two stations where the trains run all the time will be a part of the exhibition. Would you like to play also? You can lead the train traffic, drive a bus with a controller or you can try out some logic games and win prizes. Visitors younger than 14 years old will not be permitted to visit the exhibition without an adult. Exhibition tickets are valid for the entire day.

The Győr Symphonic Band invites you and your kind family to his concert intitled “The days of the hungarian music of today” in the University Concert Hall. Program: Miklós Szilágyi: Chronostychon – I. Overture Sándor Márki: História Hungariae – Movements VI., VII. (Arad, 1848-49) Laczó Zoltán Vince: Szimfónia No. 2. Marcell Pethő: The golden man – I. The iron gate Péter Tóth: Pompeii Ferenc Farkas: Timon of Athens (Arr. by Tony Kurmann) Conductor: Dr. László Marosi & Ferenc Szabó The entry is free.

Interest in each other’s cultures results in various festivals and connected events both in Ireland and Hungary. The basis of the cultural and sacral connections between the two countries is the Weeping Virgin painting, also known as the Irish Madonna, which was rescued by Walter Lynch, bishop of Clonfert in Ireland and brought to Győr during the times of the religious persecution under Oliver Cromwell. The painting wept blood on March 17th, 1697, on Saint Patrick’s day, the patron saint of the Irish from 6 to 9 in the morning. Later it was explained by the event that this was the day when Catholic priests loyal to their faith were banned from Ireland in that year. The festival also takes place at that time in 2018. Besides religious programs there will be concerts, dance performances, exhibitions and children’s programs presenting the colourful culture of Ireland. Program: March 16th, Friday 4 p.m.: Opening Ceremony of the Irish-Hungarian Days Wreath laying ceremony at the memorial of Irish Bishop, Walter Lynch Beata Virgo Maria lacrimante – concert of the musical group, Cant’ Art Venue: Győr Cathedral (Győr, Chapter Hill) 5 p.m.: The cult of the Weeping Madonna of Győr – exhibition opening The exhibition […]