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Legenda Aurea – Attracted by Relics
permanent exhibition

In the classical building, featuring medieval details, visitors can acquaint themselves with the church architecture of the Diocese of Győr, the memories of 17-18th century pilgrimages, the masterpieces of Baroque art, the life stories of 20th century martyr priests and Pope John Paul II’s visit to Győr.

The permanent exhibition of the Saint László Visitor Center of the Diocese of Győr is titled Legenda Aurea – Attracted by Relics. The exhibition presents the history and cult of the Herma of Saint László and the icon of the Weeping Madonna. The Latin title of the exhibition refers to the rare book from the 14th century – also found in the Diocese library – which summarizes the holy relics known in this era. The Hungarian title points to how relics have been an integral part of our past, our everyday life, and our holidays for many centuries.

At the beginning of the exhibition, visitors can learn about the history of the formation of the relics, as well as inspect the bone relic of St. Maximus, a Christian saint from the Roman period.

The exhibition presents and describes the art-historical importance of relics, their types and their influence in the present age; the exhibition also features many of the feared treasures of the Bishopric of Győr.


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