ANTIGONE (Online streaming)

Dance drama in one intermission.


Assistant                             Artem POZDEEV

Composer                          Bálint SEBESTYÉN

Featuring                            Márton STUMMER

Set, costume                     Ákos SEBESTYÉN

Lights                                    Péter HÉCZ

Video                                    Zoltán JEKLI

Expert (mentor)               László VELEKEI (Harangozó award winner)

Choreographer                 Bálint SEBESTYÉN (Harangozó award winner)

This performance is based on the Antigone drama by Sophocles. It is about the bond of siblings that follows you in love and until death or it pushes you to death because of opposition.

What can overwrite the truth between two siblings or people? What is the truth? Who decides about who is right? God or human? Heart or brain?

This dance drama plays in present day. It is in the hunger for the authority dictatorial times where the family bond is nothing against rabid ideology.


2021.03.08. 08:002021.03.14. 23:59 


2 000 Ft - 6 000 Ft
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