Lacu Pelso / Balaton

Start: 2023.06.13 21:00
End: 2023.06.13 22:00

Lacus Pelso: the name of Lake Balaton in Latin. The place where people have spent their hot, carefree summers for decades, it is the “Hungarian Sea”, which today has a unique meaning of its own. Spanning multiple eras of Hungarian history, the performance reminisces about those legendary Hungarian summers through artistic and pop cultural references. With nostalgia for that period of hope during the last days of Communism, followed by a somber reflection on our present, the production shows us both successful (and unsuccessful) changes in the country’s history since – giving the audience a glimpse into a time long gone, but familiar to every Hungarian to this day.


3900 Ft


Győr Megyei Jogú Város Önkormányzata
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