Városház Square – City Hall

CITY HALL: A true emblem of the town of Győr, this eclectic building was inaugurated in 1900. On its facade we see a coat of arms donated by Maria Theresa. From its 59-metre tower a popular folk tune from the Small Plain region is heard in every hour, while at 11am and 5pm it plays a two-minute musical composition.

FOUNTAIN: It symbolises the town of rivers, where the Mosoni Danube, Rába and Rábca rivers meet. On various occasions throughout the day, the fountain plays a tune, while at night we can marvel at its illuminated glory.

BAROSS ÚT: Always buzzing with life, at the entrance of the town’s shopping street visitors are welcomed by the statue of Gábor Baross, Hungary’s former minister of transport. A few steps away, a row of red
bricks reminds us to the former Fehérvár Gate, the explosion of which in 1598 marked the beginning of the town’s reconquest from the fouryear Ottoman occupation. On the opposite side, a memorial plaque prompts us to remember the former iconic fire tower (1792–1894), which served as the inspiration for the design of the City Hall’s main tower. In the middle of the road, a statue dubbed by the locals as the “Boatman” reminds us to the last devastating flood (1954). Interesting note: The street was renovated in 1997, a project backed by a number of local businesses and private individuals. A bench is dedicated to each of them for their financial support. Let’s take a closer look at the name plates!






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9021 Győr, Baross Gábor út 21.

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+36 96 311 771

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